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Rain Drop Erosion · Leading Edge Erosion

Repetitive liquid drop impact on materials can cause severe wear. This type of wear is frequently seen on leading edges of surfaces that operate at high speeds in rain or other environments where water droplets may be present.

The Water Droplet Erosion (WDE) Tester offers a convenient way to simulate the effects of erosion caused by water droplets in a compact and convenient tester

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About the Water Droplet Erosion Tester

Repeated exposure to high velocity water droplets can be a very destructive phenomenon. High impact pressures can lead to shear waves and lateral jetting.

Repetitive water droplet impacts on components can affect performance and efficiency due to increased surface undulations, craters and other surface and component failures under extreme conditions.

The Water Droplet Erosion Tester (WDE) is designed to simulate liquid-solid erosion and failure mechanisms of materials used in wind turbines, airplanes, helicopter blades and fighter jets.

Application Examples

  • Erosion resistant tapes and coatings used leading edges of wind turbine blades.
  • Hard coatings used in choke valves for flow control in upstream oil and gas operations.
  • Coatings used in aerospace industry to prevent damage to aircraft structures and window materials.
  • Erosion resistant pipes materials used for steam transport in power plants.
  • Non-conventional machining and texturing technique for hard to machine materials.

Product Features


Traditional water droplet erosion testers are huge, expensive and inherently dangerous pieces of equipment. Our unique droplet generator design makes it possible to now study the droplet erosion in a compact, convenient and cost effective tester. 

Users can conveniently change impact frequency, impact velocity, stand off distance and droplet size in a matter of minutes.

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The adjustable, corrosion resistant stage provides users with the flexibility to place the test specimens at an angle of their choosing. The sample stage can easily accommodate small or large samples. When using large samples, the stage can be adjusted to allow areas of small overlaps or no overlap. The stage can also be adjusted to vary angles of impact to study the isolated effects of impact angles on material or coating failures. 



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The Water Droplet Erosion Tester is capable of precisely controlling jet velocity, droplet size, impact frequency, sample stand off and impact angles.

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Test Area


A transparent enclosure with splash guards offers visibility and containment of water during testing. An optional mount for a high speed camera can be ordered as an option to mount your own high speed camera to observe the water droplet or the surface under test. 

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