MOOHA - Digital Lab Assistant

MOOHA is an A.I. enabled digital lab assistant that can assist you with automatically logging data, maintaining an audit trail, performing statistical analysis and accessing data and instrument health and status instantly via a secure encrypted interface.

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Ducom Test Lab

The Ducom Test Lab can be an extension of your quality or R&D department. Our experienced and knowledgeable application scientists and lab technicians can help you with finding the right test methods, designing test programs and delivering results. 

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Everything from mechanical, tribological and petro testers to microscopy and profilometry platforms, you can find it all here. 

UNITEST - Universal Testing Platform

A compact universal test platform for Mechanical and Tribology testing as well as for 2D and 3D surface observation.

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Multi Capability Tribometer (Pin/Ball on Disk) - POD 4.0

A multi capability tribometer, that comes standard with pin/ball on disk capabilities, but can be upgraded to do a lot more. 

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Four Ball Tester (Standard) - TR 30 Series

The robust floor standing TR-30 Series has been the industry standard in Four Ball Testing for over 35 years. Available in manual loading and automatic loading versions, the latest generation of TR 30 Series machines feature improvements in electronics, software and sensing capabilities. 

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Four Ball Tester (Desktop) - FBT3

A new generation, compact and automatic four ball tester that can test your lubricating oils, greases and additives for their Wear Preventive (WP) and Extreme Pressure (EP) properties. Complies with numerous ASTM, DIN and ISO standards. 

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High Frequency Reciprocating Rig (HFRR)

Lubricity testing instrument for diesel fuel, gasoline and additives, but can do a lot more. Also capable of fretting wear tests. Fully complies with ASTM D6079, ASTM D7688, and other global standards.

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Air Jet Erosion Tester

A Solid Particle Erosion (SPE) tester where a gas, usually air, carries solid particles to a specimen under tightly controlled conditions to cause wear. It is used to evaluate the erosion resistance of materials at room temperature and high temperatures. Complies with ASTM G76 and ASTM G211. 

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Slurry Jet Erosion Tester

A Solid Particle Erosion (SPE) tester where water carries solid particles to a specimen under tightly controlled conditions to cause wear. Types of particles, impact angles and impact velocity can be changed.

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Water Droplet (Rain) Erosion Tester

Leading Edge Erosion is a major cause of concern when it comes to aircraft rotors, wind turbine reliability, etc. Materials and coatings are evaluated for their behavior when subjected to Liquid Droplet Erosion (LDE) so that they can be engineered for optimum performance and reliability.

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Sand and Slurry Abrasion Tester

A tester that can do dry sand and slurry abrasion tests in accordance with ASTM G65, ASTM G105 and ASTM B611. Frequently used to evaluate hardfacing coatings used in mining, agriculture, construction and other applications where three body abrasion is encountered. 

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Cloud and Pour Point Tester

The cloud and pour point tester is an automated test system that is used to evaluate the low temperature properties of fluids like fuels. Cloud point of a fluid is the temperature at which wax begins to separate causing a fluid to appear cloudy; and pour point is the temperature at which a liquid ceases to flow because of the formation of wax crystals that change its viscosity.

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The BioTribometer is a tool designed to be a cost effective screening tool for biomaterials intended for use in prosthetic implants like hips, knees and others. With its capabilities to execute complex, bio-relevant wear tracks and loading profiles, the BioTribometer provides an effective way to shortlist tribologically promising biomaterials before they undergo expensive and time consuming testing on joint simulators.

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Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester

The Pensky Martens Flash Point Tester (FPM) is a tool for the automatic determination of the flash point of liquids that can form a surface film over them. This tester is frequently used to test fuels, biodiesel, lubricating oils, etc. 

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Noack Volatility Tester

Lubricating oils that need to operate at high temperatures can evaporate. This evaporation can alter its properties like viscosity. This is particularly important in case of engine oils, where an undesirable change in properties can hinder performance, efficiency and protection of an engine.

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Roller on Roller Tribometer

Slip, roll and a combination of the two are commonly encountered in engineering applications. Studying the performance of bulk materials, coatings and lubricants in such conditions is important, especially for applications such as railways, gears, etc...

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KRL Shear Stability Tester

Viscosity of oils can change when they are subjected to mechanical shear. The KRL Shear Stability Tester is a stand-alone shear stability tester designed for users that have high performance oils that tend undergo several hundred hours of testing. This system is designed for excellent long term stability and control.

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Rotating Beam Fatigue Tester (RBFT)

A high cycle fatigue tester that applies a bending moment on a test specimen that is rotating.

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Low Temperature Torque Tester

When machinery is operated in very cold conditions, the grease that lubricates contacts can freeze and prevent startup of equipment or severely limit performance. The Low Temperature Torque Tester can measure break away torque and running torque. When the weather is extremely cold, machinery with inappropriately tested and qualified grease can become inoperable posing serious danger in some circumstances. 

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Roll Stability Tester

Shear Stability of lubricating greases can be evaluated using the Roll Stability Tester. This tester exercises precise temperature control inside test chamber, where steel cylinders that contain the test grease and a weight to mechanically shear the test grease is loaded. After the Roll Stability Test, the grease sample is tested using a cone penetration tester.

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Freezing Point Tester

The Freezing Point of aviation fuels is a very important property that must be determined. When an aircraft gains altitude, or operates in low temperatures, the fuel can develop solid hydrocarbon crystals. These crystals can clog filters and restrict the fuel to the engine, which can cause disastrous outcomes. 

The Freezing Point Tester is an automatic system that can precisely detect the freezing point of these fuels. 

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Cleveland Flash Point Tester

The Cleveland Flash Point Tester is an automatic, open cup flash and fire point tester that frequently used for lubricants and bituminous materials. Samples that tend for form a mixture that is flammable when exposed to air can be tested using this tester. It can also help determine the tendency of a sample to have sustained burning, called the fire point. 

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Abel Flash Point Tester

This an automatic, closed cup flash point tester that is used for flash point determination of liquids that have flash points below -30 deg C and 70 deg C. The automation of this tester makes flash point determination safe and accurate.

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