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Determining Consistency of Lubricating Greases At High Temperatures

Ducom Roll Stability Apparatus for High Temperature is used to determine the roll stability and wet shear stability of lubricating grease in accordance to ASTM D1831 and D7342.

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Ducom Roll Stability Tester - Isometric

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Ducom Roll Stability Tester - Front - Open Chamber

About the Roll Stability Tester

Ducom Roll Stability Tester is used to simulate the changes in consistency of lubricating grease between rollers and outer race of a bearing. 

The test cylinders are loaded with grease uniformly on the inside wall and a weighted roller is placed inside the cylinder. The test cylinders mounted horizontally upon a set of driving and guide wheels which rotate the cylinder at the set rpm. The temperature in the test area is controlled precisely  using a closed loop temperature controller.

Technical Specifications

  • Rotational speed: up to 300 rpm
  • Temperature range: up to 200°C
  • Preset timer: 1 minutes to 100 hours
  • Temperature control accuracy: ±1°C


  • Designed for long duration test at high temperature 
  • Uniform heating arrangement with good thermal insulator chamber 
  • Bench top model integrated with electronic controller
  • Automated cut-off when upper chamber hood is removed

Test Standards

  • ASTM D1831: Standard Test Method for Roll Stability of Lubricating Grease
  • ASTM D 7342: Standard Test Method for Prolonged Worked Stability of Lubricating Grease in Presence of Water (Water Stability Test)
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