MOOHA - Digital Lab Assistant

MOOHA is an A.I. enabled digital lab assistant that can assist you with automatically logging data, maintaining an audit trail, performing statistical analysis and accessing data and instrument health and status instantly via a secure encrypted interface.

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Ducom Test Lab

The Ducom Test Lab can be an extension of your quality or R&D department. Our experienced and knowledgeable application scientists and lab technicians can help you with finding the right test methods, designing test programs and delivering results. 

Contract Test Lab

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Ducom Instruments

Measure. Analyze. Understand.

Ducom Instruments leads the way in design and manufacturing of test instruments, analysis tools and software. From the start, our focus has been on designing and developing measurement instruments and software at the bleeding edge of technology.

We have a proud culture of pushing instrumentation technology to its limits, so we can bring you the best measurement and analysis devices on the market. 

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About Us

Think. Design. Build.

Since inception (1978), our rapidly growing team has created hundreds of test instruments, many of which have become industry standards for testing and measurement. Others, were bespoke instruments designed and developed especially for our customers working in highly specialized domains. 

Over the years, we have designed and built tools to test everything from materials and components for spacecrafts and jet engines to fuels, additives, biomaterials and pharmaceuticals.

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Giving Back

Education. Health.

We support numerous charitable initiatives focused on education and health. We run free clinics for the underprivileged. Doctors consultation and medication is free and is supported entirely by the Ducom Foundation, our charitable wing.  We run medical camps for diabetes screening and eye exams free of cost. 

Education scholarships are provided to deserving students going into university to pursue STEM programs. Research and travel scholarships are provided to students that excel in their area of work.

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Ducom Aerospace

Ducom Aerospace is one of the fastest growing aerospace companies, designing, manufacturing and assembling for the aviation and space industries. It has a sate of the art manufacturing and inspection facilities in-house. 

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Ducom Digital

Ducom Digital is a software company that develops digital tools for instruments, machinery and laboratories. It focuses on Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IOT) technologies.
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Ducom Labs

Ducom Labs is our contract testing division offering testing, training and consultancy services to industries and academia. It specializes in tribology testing, mechanical testing, petro testing and microscopy.
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