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MOOHA is an A.I. enabled digital lab assistant that can assist you with automatically logging data, maintaining an audit trail, performing statistical analysis and accessing data and instrument health and status instantly via a secure encrypted interface.

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The Ducom Test Lab can be an extension of your quality or R&D department. Our experienced and knowledgeable application scientists and lab technicians can help you with finding the right test methods, designing test programs and delivering results. 

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Abrasion Tester

Dry Sand & Slurry Abrasion Testing

A single, compact and automatic tester to bring complete three body abrasion testing capabilities to your lab. Dry sand abrasion (ASTM G65) or abrasion in slurry (ASTM G105, ASTM B611), the ABT-3 can do it all. 

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Desktop and Automatic

Measure wear friction under three body abrasion conditions.

ASTM G65 (dry abrasion), ASTM G105 and ASTM B611 (slurry abrasion) compliant. 

Technical Specifications

  • Load: 100 N to 300 N (automatic)
  • Speed: Up to 250 rpm
  • Friction Force: up to 300 N
  • Duration 999,999 rev (Max)

Test Standards

  • ASTM G65: Standard Test Method for Measuring Abrasion Using the Dry Sand/Rubber Wheel Apparatus.
  • ASTM G105: Standard Test Method for Conducting Wet Sand/Rubber Wheel Abrasion Tests.
  • ASTM B611: Standard Test Method for Determining the High Stress Abrasion Resistance of Hard Materials.

Application Examples

  • Ranking of materials with respect to its abrasive resistance (dry and slurry).
  • Quality analysis and product development of molding tools used in sand-lime bricks.
  • Research in the area of refractory ceramics.
  • Abrasive wear resistance of hard face coatings

Product Features


Dry Sand Abrasion. Slurry Abrasion.

The ABT-3 abrasion tester can test samples in dry sand abrasion conditions and in slurry conditions. The carefully thought out design makes this transition easy and quick.

Image of dry abrasion test area
Ducom Abrasion Tester (ABR-3) - Dry Abrasion Test GIF


Wear, friction data with each test

Built in instrumentation and data logging capabilities help you extract more information with each test. Automatic loading that can be controlled with the touch of a button and continuous friction data logging help in studying not only wear resistance but also the friction behavior of materials.


Ease of use is central to our design

We instrumented our Abrasion Tester (ABT-3) so that setting up tests would be easy and require very little training. Our guided software and automatic loading capabilities make the system safer and more convenient than ever before.

Ducom Abrasion Tester (ABR-3) - Automatic Loading System GIF
ABT-3 software


Touch screen interface and Industry 4.0 ready

The system comes standard with a touch screen interface and an easy and intuitive software. Every test is automatically logged and ready for reporting at your convenience. 

The Abrasion Tester (ABT-3) is also compatible with MOOHA which enables access to instant instrument health monitoring, tamper proof test data, automatically maintains an audit log and more.

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Industry 4.0 Ready
A.I Power Lab Assistant


MOOHA is an A.I. enabled digital assistant that can be used together with, or in place of your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS). It has powerful device management, reporting, statistics and support functionalities.

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