MOOHA - Digital Lab Assistant

MOOHA is an A.I. enabled digital lab assistant that can assist you with automatically logging data, maintaining an audit trail, performing statistical analysis and accessing data and instrument health and status instantly via a secure encrypted interface.

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Ducom Test Lab

The Ducom Test Lab can be an extension of your quality or R&D department. Our experienced and knowledgeable application scientists and lab technicians can help you with finding the right test methods, designing test programs and delivering results. 

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Smart. Modern. Reliable.

Next-generation testers for tribology testing, mechanical testing and petroleum testing.

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A.I. Enabled Software


our A.I. enabled digital assistant for your lab.

A software that evolves and improves, making your lab smarter, more efficient and keeping you ahead of your competition. 


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Contract Testing 


All of the convenience. None of the overheads.

When you only need to test occasionally, or are looking for a cost effective way to get access to high quality test data, we can help.


Contract Test Lab

Instruments and Software for Laboratories

Best in class instruments and software for research and quality laboratories.

Measure • Analyze • Understand


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Test Instruments

Our test instruments include mechanical testers, petroleum testers, tribometers and more. 

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Contract Testing

Our contract test lab is equipped with state of the art test instruments. Our experienced staff scientists can help you with your testing needs.

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Our digital products bring data science and the power of IOT to you. Dig deeper into your test results and uncover more information using our MOOHA, our A.I. enabled digital assistant.

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Our product range covers all areas of tribology and petroleum testing .

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